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Lasting Mattress Support

The support core of Foreverbed Elevate natural latex mattress is made from Omalon foam. Omalon is a high density, high resiliency foam that is perfectly suited to support our high end latex. It adds long lasting support that compliments the plush layers of latex comfort. Omalon features an elliptical cell structure designed to not soften or compress over time.


Comfort Layers - Graphite Talalay Natural Latex Mattress

Talalay latex is the gold standard for mattress materials because it accomplishes everything needed for great sleep. Latex foam is allergy-free, temperature regulating, extremely durable, and naturally antimicrobial. The Talalay mattress manufacturing process ensures exceptional and consistent quality. Graphite is added to absorb body heat for nearly perfect thermal performance.


Silver Lining

Foreverbed Elevate features a silver fiber lining just under the fabric on the top and sides of the mattress. Silver is anti-bacterial, which keeps your mattress clean, hygienic, and mildew-free. Fiber pulls moisture away from your body and lets it quickly evaporate, ensuring you sleep cool and dry.


Cooling Mica Infused Fabric

Mica is infused into the Foreverbed Elevate fabric. Due to a high heat co