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 Your mattress plays a key role in your overall health and wellbeing by delivering quality sleep. We take the guesswork out of buying the right mattress through a professional mattress fitting. This ensures the support, comfort, and performance of your new mattress is precisely what you need.

Our mattresses feature very long warranties that will likely outlast your needs. Our bodies and sleep habits can change over time and your mattress can change with you. We offer a revolutionary comfort service that starts with a new professional fitting followed by the necessary alterations at our factory to make your mattress perfect again.

Our Lifetime Comfort Service is available on any mattress purchased from us with a warranty length of 15 years or more. The basic service of adding a layer of firm or soft foam to your mattress is $500 and covers transportation to and from our factory. Greater changes such as adding specialty foam, replacing innerspring units, or altering size are available at extra cost. 

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