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Best Mattress for Back Pain

One of the most popular web searches for mattresses is which mattress is best for back pain. This isn't too surprising considering that roughly 97 million Americans suffer from back pain according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

The best mattress for back pain is the mattress that supports your body correctly. Brand doesn't matter. Type of mattress doesn't matter. Whichever mattress provides proper alignment for your body is the mattress that will remove tension from your spine.

Best Mattress for Back Pain
Proper Alignment

The best way to determine which mattress provides the best support for your body is to either bring a friend mattress shopping with you or ask the salesperson to take images for you as you try each mattress that you can review your alignment.

Surely the type of mattress matters, right? The type of mattress (plush, firm, hybrid, foam, air, gel) determines the overall comfort. Our advice is to find out which type of mattress you find most comfortable and then try several within that type to find the one that supports you best.

The staff at Croft Mattress has been expertly trained to guide you through finding the mattress that best supports your body for perfect overall alignment. This process is known as a mattress fitting. Buying a mattress based off brand, comfort, and/or price leads to a high customer dissatisfaction rate. The industry reports that up to 40% of all new mattress purchases end up being returned or exchanged due to customer dissatisfaction. That percentage drops to under 2% when the mattress is purchased through a mattress fitting.

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