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The Wrong Mattress Isn't Just Uncomfortable, It Can Lead to Some Serious Health Problems.

As a factory direct mattress company, we know quite a bit more about mattresses than a typical mattress retailer. We're not bragging, it's just that there's an intimate knowledge that comes with actually making the mattresses we sell.


Everyone in our company can passionately and intelligently speak about types of innersprings, coil gauge/turns/twist rate, foam type/density/ILD, fabric style/weight/stretch, and so on. We can tell you how much more supportive a 15 gauge 6-turn coil innerspring is compared to a 14.5 gauge 4-turn coil innerspring and how amazing 4lb density, 24 ILD Serene foam feels compared to 1.8 lb density 36 ILD polyurethane foam. Our team literally debates about the efficacy of bamboo fiber versus eucalyptus fiber and whether or not a 2-way stretch knit fabric is better to use in a hybrid mattress design versus a 4-way stretch knit. 


We live and love this stuff every day. The one thing we have no clue about though is the answer to the question we hear the most. 


"What's the best mattress?" We don't bleeping know. There isn't a one size fits all mattress. For starters, every(body) is different. People come in all shapes and sizes. What works for a large person isn't what would work for a small person. Next, not everyone has the same life circumstances. The type of mattress we would recommend for someone that has fibromyalgia isn't the same mattress we would recommend for someone that doesn't feel pain from a tufted surface of a traditional mattress. 

Given our level of mattress knowledge we can make an educated guess on which mattress will properly support someone based on their size and shape, and by knowing a little more about any ailments or sleep problems or pain they struggle with. But sincerely, it's just a guess until we see how their body reacts to the first mattress they try. From there, we can usually dial in the correct mattress within another one or two mattresses. 


There could be a million reasons why a mattress you purchased in the past sucks, but above all it is probably because you purchased it because it was on sale or because you heard great things about it. I can almost guarantee you it wasn't selected because it was the ideal mattress for your specific body and sleep needs. It very likely doesn't suck, it just sucks for you.

Alright, you get it...but now you're wondering how expensive this is. Surely the fitting is going to lead to us recommending only our most expensive mattresses, right?  Again, we don't have a clue which mattress is going to be best until we see how the first mattress supports you. Sometimes it is a pricier model and sometimes it isn't. The good news is that there is typically more than one more mattress that works and all you have to decide is which grade you'd like to go with; one that lasts ten years or one that lasts a lifetime. In the long run investing in a high quality mattress isn't anywhere near as expensive as surgery on a bad back or the consequences you'll endure long term from eating extra calories to fuel your body from getting horrible sleep.

It's pretty dang convenient to buy a mattress from the comfort of your couch, but the good feeling that comes from the ease of purchase is fleeting. You'll have to live with something that almost certainly doesn't fit you perfectly, or well at all for that matter.  Before you think a mattress that is close enough is good enough, might we remind you of other things where almost good isn't the same thing as good. Almost good shoes often lead to blisters. Almost good jeans aren't as flattering good ones. Almost good toilet paper, well, I don't think we need to go there.  Whether or not you invest a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars on a new mattress, the last thing you need is to be miserable the entire time you own it. 

Since you probably landed on this page from a Google ad, chances are that you aren't too far from one of our stores. It takes less than an hour from start to finish for a mattress fitting. You'll appreciate the care we take in making sure you get the perfect mattress and dare we say you might actually enjoy yourself!

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