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The 5 Most Surprising Mistakes People Make Buying a New Mattress

By: Brian Croft 

March 3, 2024 - 2:32pm

mattress store employees

You are reading this either because  you purchased a mattress you hate or you want to avoid making a(nother) costly mistake. 
Let's face it, buying a mattress is a blind proposition.  There are hundreds of websites claiming that their mattress is the most amazing mattress on the planet and every brick and mortar store has a plethora of these upholstered rectangles to choose from.  You look to online guides to sort through the nonsense, but each guide conflicts with the next.  No one should blame you for becoming paralyzed in fear about spending more money on yet another failed promise of good sleep.
I've personally interacted with well over 15,000 customers in the past 20 years and have seen the same nightmare played out over and over again...someone investing their hard earned money in hopes of better sleep - only to be stuck with a mattress they can't even sleep on.  

The thing that should really make you angry is that buying a wrong mattress is 100% avoidable.  
Here are the 5 most surprising reasons why you might be stuck with a mattress you hate:

1. The primary reason you bought your new mattress was because it was on sale.  Of course you want to get a great deal on a new mattress, and I am 100% for someone not paying a penny more than they should.  BUT - price only matters once you know the mattress is going to be the right one in the first place.

2. You trusted one of the several online buying guides.  Did you know that none of the online mattress buying guides are nonprofit organizations?  Why would their advertisers keep giving them money month after month unless the guide pushed their products?  They are ridiculously biased folks.
3. They had thousands of 5-star reviews.  This might come as a shock to you, but companies buy reviews.  Yup, reviews about their company and products from people whom they have never done business with.  Here's the first few sites from a Google search for "buy reviews".  There are 5.4 million search results for this.

mattress reviews not always trustable

4. You bought based on brand name.  I'm not saying to avoid the big brands, but if you bought your last mattress solely because it was a big brand - you might be sleeping awful because of the fact. Most big brands have a niche.  Their niche might not be exactly what suits your needs most.

5. You bought the mattress that felt the best in a store.  You likely said this while doing it, "how can I tell if a mattress I try for a couple minutes in a store will be the right one?"  Well, you can't.  The mattress is undressed and you are fully dressed - exactly the opposite of the likely situation once you get it home.  Should you bring sheets and dress in pajamas the next time you shop?  I wouldn't think you were crazy if you did.  There is a much more accurate way to do it though.  
Click the button below, plug in your name and email, and I will send you information on how to buy the right mattress.  

I've created this list of the 8 biggest tips every person should read before buying a new mattress with hopes that they will literally save you thousands of dollars buying the wrong mattress.  
These tips have helped several thousand people buy the right mattress, but they also helped me turn a $4,600 loan from my 401k into a multi-million dollar business.  Fresh off of working for a Fortune 500 company, the biggest in the mattress industry, I decided to take the cash option on my 401k savings rather than roll it over to my next gig.  Using that cash for a deposit on a commercial lease, I opened a single mattress store and turned it into a regional chain, complete our own manufacturing plant within ten years - all without the help of traditional advertising. How? By helping customers like you get the right mattress.  It's no joke.  When you can help people genuinely feel better as a result of sleeping better - word spreads! 
There it is, the reason why I want to help you...I sell mattresses.  Actually, I don't really care if you buy from me or not.  I sincerely just want to help you make sense of the nonsense out there.  Hopefully I am helping right what has been wrong in the industry I've been part of for 20 years. The reality is that my business is regional and we don't shove mattresses in little boxes - so the majority of people that read this live too far away to be my customer. Even where we have stores in Missouri and Arkansas - not every person can or should buy from me.  It sincerely depends on whether or not what we offer is a fit for your specific needs.  
To gain a better understanding of which kind of mattress is right for you, click the link and I'll email you my 8 biggest tips every person should read before buying a new mattress.
Remember I said that I've personally worked with over 15,000 customers in the past 20 years?  What I didn't mention is that my background is in mechanical engineering.  My lens of helping people buy the right mattress is a little different than most because of this.  I have deep, deep thoughts about mattresses so you don't have to.  My brain is swimming in things like pressure equalization, surface tactility, motion transfer, heat transfer, postural support, and component insulating efficacy.  Probably the single best gift that I have been given is the ability to communicate complicated concepts in easy to understand terms.  The conclusions I've arrived to about how to choose the best mattress have come from the perfect blend of experience and education.
All I need is your name and email address and I'll send you this invaluable advice about buying a new mattress.
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